News Letter December 2013
T'is the season to be jolly, and not injured!
For us triathletes this year is very much a mixed bag of activity and focus.
Whilst most of us will be enjoying the fun of cross training, such as x-country racing or cyclocross riding, there are some IM-heads still hard at work harvesting base-miles in preparation for early-season races for 2014.
Nowadays the notion of Off-Season O/S is something not so easily adopted, this is because there are so many organised events it's possible to race almost every week of the year, this makes O/S an option rather than a forced break and as such must be planned.
Off Season is the time to fully recover and sort-out all the niggles and injuries that have built up over the last year. You should remove the structured push or focus that makes the difference between leisure activity and purposeful training. Drop the long distance rides/runs and reduce the intensity of interval training. Yes it's ok to do some hard work but devote the greater part of your capacity to recovery activities such as:
  • Circuit Training as a way of maintaining CV ability,
  • Core Stability work,
  • Stretching & Flexibility work, such as Pilates, Yoga or other such disciplines,
  • Technique correction and Movement Pattern reinforcement,
  • Regular Sports Massage,
  • Visit the Physiotherapist,
  • Rehab exercises,
  • Replenishment of long-term energy reserves,
  • Review of last season’s performance,
  • Planning and Preparation of the coming season.
If you are struggling with the notion of powering-back, consider this... the fatigue of training and racing over the last 10 months will have accumalated in all of your body's systems not just the muscles. These other systems - Endocrine, Musculo-skeletal, Nervous Sytem, Metabolic Pathways, etc each have a fixed capacity and can only function at optimal levels if they are managed correctly. If you are expecting 2014 to be injury-free, the best investment you can make starts NOW.

Not forgetting those who are working on base miles.... peeps in IM training, you should also be mindful of taking the necessary recovery. One of the hardest bits about IM training is staying injury-free whilst pushing the miles and I normally advise a recovery-cycle of 3:1, that's three weeks of push followed by one week of reduced activity. Notice that it's reduced activity rather than rest! Simply drop the long slow distance LSD and just do the volume runs/rides. Do plenty of stretching and get yourself a proper sports massage.

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