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December 2013 T'is the season to be jolly... and not injured!
Hamstring-injury Season.
Your Blood Lactate Test - some advice and guidelines.
Training with Heart Rate Zones
Post-exercise nutrition - Recovery Drink.
Cardiac risk associated with extreme or excessive levels of activity.
Barriers to developing performance - the tricky issue of Recovery.
Barriers to developing performance - misunderstanding about training and lack of consistency.
End of season and reviewing performance.
Seasonal advice - part 1. making the transition to off-season cross country can cause lower-leg injuries.
Surfing as a cross training activity.
Having the right mental tool-kit can make all the difference.
Emotional fatigue.
Periodisation and the Build Phase.
Periodisation and some FAQ's.
Taking care of yourself during winter months.
Recovery and how to survive the last few weeks of race season.
Nutrition and some FAQ's .
Putting together a training plan.
Three-step guide to selecting races for the coming season.