News Letter #2 October 2012
Hello and welcome to part-2 of my October Newsletter for 2012.
This edition contains more coaching advice to help you get the most from your 2012 season.
One of the most important dates in your training calendar will be the day after your last planned race for 2012, in other words "End of Season".
Everyone will have a different idea of whats On-season and Off-season, but to keep it simple, think in terms of Category-A races. For example, if your main focus is summer triathlon but you also dabble in x-co running during the winter, I would class the latter as out-of-season cross-training activities. If your main focus is Cyclo-cross and x-co running, I would class any summer activities as Off-season cross-training.
The problem nowadays is that there are so many events and competitions that its possible to race all year round and not have a formal end or transition from On to Off-season. Some may say that this is not actually important, however, if you are looking for proper recovery and an improvement in performance for the next season, its important to focus on different aspects of training at different times of the year.
There are various ways to periodise your training, each with their own pros & cons, but what's important is to adopt a schedule/system that both covers the essential activities and suits your personal circumstances.
However you cut up the pie, one of the first things to do is to review your performance and activities for the current season.

When reviewing your Performance for 2012 it’s important to know what questions to ask.

Be as specific and honest as possible and write down your answers (this will help to articulate and refine exactly what you are thinking):

  • What were your expectations & targets for 2012? (look at the plan that you prepared last year!)
  • Did you select the right races/events?
    • If No, what were the barriers? (bad timing, cost, bad planning)
  • What did you enjoy or dislike and why? 
  • What were your strength & weaknesses (both percieved and actual)? Think in terms of:
    • Overall planning of the season/training.
    • Process – technique, race tactics/strategy, nutrition strategy.
    • Performance – lap times, power output, cardio vascular fitness, strength, endurance.
    • Outcome – placement, qualification.
  • Consider what affected your performance
    • Within your control
      • did your training let you down.
      • under recovery/over training.
      • did you have the wrong nutrition strategy?
    • Outside your control – competitors (who/what), weather, breakage/equipment failure, injury.
    • Injury record for 2012 - list and date all injuries (including niggles) and relate them to the phase of training at that time.
This is by no means a complete or exhaustive list but just a guide. Many of these questions overlap but its often useful to approach the same issue from different angles. Your answers will help you decide your Race Diary for 2013 and specifically help you put together a useful training plan for next year.
Please, please, please take time to do this sooner rather than later, as the longer you leave it the less likely it will get done!

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Happy End of Season!


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