News Letter September 2012
Hello and welcome to my Newsletter for October 2012.
Yes, I know its not October yet, but please read on.
Anyone who has spent time on my massage couch will know I'm a keen surfer and enjoy a regular pounding by our west-coast surf. What I like about surfing [and sea swimming] is that you never quite know what Mother Nature has got in store until you get in the water, and for that reason it always provides a great workout.
The best place to surf is where the wave is just about to break, on the shoulder where its fast, steep and still green water.
If you're in the right place, catching a wave is actually quite easy, and once moving the trick is to chase the green water and not get caught by the break.
Wow, I'm getting stoked just thinking about it!
Once it breaks, the wave crashes into turmoil and turns white as the water fills with air bubbles. As the water loses density, anything on the surface, such as a swimmer or surfer, immediately starts to sink. This means you need to paddle harder and faster to go anywhere, which is great training!
Even on a moderate day, the paddle-out [to the green-water] is the hardest bit as you invariably need to go through loads of white water. The tricky bit is getting past the last few waves as they break ahead or, if you get the timing wrong, right on top of you. The paddle-out is fantastic training because you cant afford to let-up otherwise you would never get to surf the best waves in the green water. Believe me, this can require a lot of determination & stamina.
Even on a bad day, when there is only white-water and no surfable waves, its great to go paddling just for the training! 
Yep, surfing is a superb form of cross-training for both swimming and, oddly enough, for cycling. Not only do surfers tend to have a lot of muscular endurance in the shoulders, but they also develop a very strong back with great core stability which is great for holding aero-position on the bike.
Another aspect of surfing that I really like is that it really helps to develop a feel for the water and to build confidence, something that is vital should you want to do any of the larger tri-events with a mass swim-start.
Summer may be over but the UK surf season is just starting and the best waves hitting our west-coast shores from mid-september onward. Admittedly it does get a bit chilly from November onward but, hey, if its too cold or rough to go in the water, you can still go for a run up and down the beach!
Ummm, how about an end of season FTC Surf trip? Now there's a thought ;-)

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Happy surfing!


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