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Unfortunately many people do not view Core Stability Training as a “serious workout” because it does not leave them gasping for air in the same way as, say, run or cycle training. This is one of the biggest mis-perceptions about Core Stability training.

It is important to know that Core Stability is a form of functional conditioning that allows the body to maintain the correct posture whilst it executes technical movement patterns. Without this type of conditioning, both your technical ability and functional strength will be limited…. Umm, this is pretty serious stuff!

Like all types of training, Core Stability work can be made sport specific, not only for the basics that focus on muscle activation & coordination but for the more advanced work that results in strength/power and enhanced stability.

How much stability is needed?

This all depends on what you are doing and at what level you want to perform.

Physical performance is the result of many different factors but generally speaking there is a strong correlation with the attributes of strength, speed and agility.The harder and faster you want to perform your sport, the greater the demands placed on your functional posture.

What happens if my Core Stability is not good enough?

Poor Stability means poor functionality which sets the following chain into motion:

  1. faulty and compensatory movement patterns,
  2. poor technique,
  3. increased risk of injury,
  4. injury - compensation - injury.....
  5. plateau in performance, followed by
  6. drop in performance.

Unfortunately most athletes do not see (often deny!) whats happening until its too late, by which time there have been several cycles of injury/recovery and searching for other causative factors.

The underlying message is clear, if you are looking for good performance and are actively training & developing other aspects of your fitness, you should include some proper core [stability] conditioning.

Core Stability training for Swim, Cycle & Run -Triathlon

Depending on the sport, you may need to spend up to 40% of training time on strength & conditioning activities. For Triathlon I would suggest the following on specific core conditioning:

  • Initial assessment of core function and movement patterns,
  • 4-6 week programme training (minimum twice per week),
  • re-assessment,
  • (assuming favourable progress) maintenance programme of 1 session per 7-10 days

If you would like to take your performance to the next level or would like some further advice/guidance you can contact Colin at Speedy Duck by calling 07545 115562 or email via the contact page.