Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Prevention is better than cure.... it's a no brainer!

Why wait until something is completely dysfuntional and chronic before acknowledging that there is a problem?

Having a regular Sports Massage is not only a great way to help avoid injury but also provides good feedback as to the effectiveness of training and also promotes recovery after both training or racing.

A good Sports Massage Therapist will be able to identify many issues before they develop and will also be able to offer valuable advice to keep you in tiptop physical condition.

Where can I get a Sports Massage in Surrey or North Hampshire?

Contact Activ8 Rehab in Chertsey or Wraysbury, or

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Sports Injury

Injury can result from many different things but most people only ever think of it as the result of extrinsic factors - influences from outside the body, such as traumatic impact, twisting or falling, sprains & strains, etc. However there are a many types of self-inflicted injuries plus those innate to sports that go unnoticed, that is until something breaks or stop working properly.

All sport-specific training carries an innate risk of injury simply because the resulting adaptation may not be compatible with with "normal" functional requirments outside of the sport, namely the activities of daily living (ADL's). Consider the sport of cycling where it is desirable to be as streamlined as possible. This requires adaptive training to create a postural position with functional hip movement almost 90 degrees from the norm, i.e. the vertical bipedal stance and "open-hip" into which humans have evolved over the last few millenia. As a result, too much unbalanced cycle-specific training can often lead to postural problems when not cycling.

A well constructed training programme will promote functional adaptation [for your desired sport] whilst maintaining full operational range of the human body. However, if left unbalanced, any adaptive shortening or change of operational range will result in dysfunction and injury. Excessive training or bad technique can also result in neural & muscular facilitation and disruption of primal motor patterns. Both situations can be mitigated by having regular sports massage with targetted stretching, thus Sports Massage should be an integral part of your training routine.

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